The Multi-Trailer by AG Shield will quickly return your investment due to its maximum efficiency for modern farmers and ranchers!

A 5th-wheel / Gooseneck trailer that is truly appreciated for its one-man operation!  With three, rubber-torsion - 8000 lb. axles, the 31' trailer is a combination flat-bed and big-round bale hauler that can also be used to transport other items such as water tanks.  Additional benefits include:


Money Savings

• Boost your return-on-investment by using your pickup (3/4 ton & up) and the Multi-Trailer - versus a semi-tractor / trailer combination.  You will earn more money with lower operating / over-head costs while simultaneously saving time & labor expense.
• Haul up to 5 tons of bales per trip with less DOT interference using your pickup versus a semi-truck.
• Only one trailer to license & maintain.


• Two trailers in one.  Transport your tractor to the field & quickly convert the trailer bed into two-cradles that will hold 6 bales per side.  Stack 4 or 5 additional bales on top to move 16 or 17 bales per trip.  The trailer could also be used for big square bales.
• Trailer can be loaded 2-ways: from the side with a grapple bucket or slide your round bales on from the rear of the trailer with a bale spear.  Make sure to activate the independent, electric trailer brake control to avoid pickup transmission damage when loading & sliding the bales on from the end.
• Back at your farm or ranch, pull the handle to release the side walls and your bales will roll off the trailer with ease. Turn your outfit around & do the same for the other side of the Multi-Trailer. Again, you are accomplishing all of this by yourself!


Loading bales has never been so easy!
Loading bales has never been so easy!
Trailer side gates rotate up to create the bale cradle - then release to unload.
Multi-Trailer loading brake lock switch prevents pickup transmission stress with rear loading of trailer
Haul and unload bales with ease while they roll into place.