Kunz ATV / UTV pull-behind equipment set the standard for superior quality and performance! From the AcrEase Rough Cut Mowers (44” & 57”) to their Finish Cut Mowers (40” & 60”), they are built like an army tank! The Till-Ease Model 543 Chisel Plow and Cultipacker further compliment their durable equipment offerings. If you are looking for an industry leading “beast”, you need look no further!


Let’s face it – ATV / UTV vehicles are not cheap. Kunz Equipment expands the work opportunities of your machine by using it as a tractor so you get full value of your dollars. From food plots to forest trails, the Rough Cut mowers will be your best friend! Unlike the competition, AcrEase Rough Cut mowers utilize solid (not breakaway or flex type) marbane steel blades. They can do this because the 19 to 27 hp engines sit on two ¼” steel plates that hold the engine firmly in place. “Marbane” is a type of steel that is formed under extreme hydraulic pressure to create great density which minimizes damage when encountering rocks or stumps. The mower / blades are designed to handle up to 2” diameter saplings. Without blades that “flex”, the AcrEase mowers are a one-pass mower. Rarely ever is there a need for a second pass!

  • Optional Wetlands, Floatation and Electric Lift Kits available along with flat-proof, foam-filled urethane tires
  • Tires are positioned inside the width of the deck which allows mowing against trees, fences, ornaments, etc.
  • All mower hitches can be adjusted to pull directly behind or offset to the side
  • Backed by Kunz Engineering Inc. ensuring top quality, durability and capability of performance!


Kunz_MR55BE-23 or 27 HP Engine
The Food Plot King!
Offset your mower behind your current mower for greater efficiency!
Tow-Behind your ATV for greater flexibility!

Contact Owner Pete Jokela for more information and to order your Kunz equipment!