AG SHIELD Recon/Land Rollers

AG Shield Land Rollers and the ReCon 300 or 400, and Cross Auger Kits for combine draper heads, are recent additions to our product lines. This equipment has revolutionized the agriculture industry with many unique features and industry firsts for your farm or ranch. You will experience greater success while cultivating fields, planting, harvesting, haying and more!


Land Rollers

  • Level Fields Without Packing!
  • Flatten High Spots, While Protecting Your Equipment by Firming the Soil
  • Results in a Faster Harvest of More Crop

Watch How Land Rollers Work

The flat areas receive no more pressure than when you walk your field while the high spots are smashed down with thousands of pounds of force. Combine your Land Roller with an optional Leveling Blade, produced only by AG Shield!


Grain Crops

  • Rollers provide a smooth and level surface for improved seed-to-soil contact, better weed control, and reduced moisture loss.
  • The firm smooth fields guarantee faster, easier harvesting for short crops.
  • Because the land roller presses the rocks into the ground, it speeds up harvest
  • You can run closer to the ground and reduce yield losses from missed pods low to the ground.
  • With no surface trash, there is little chance of plugging your header at harvest.
  • With no rock worries, field speeds can be increased—get more crop in the bin ahead of the weather!


Hay Crops

  • Rolling hay fields soft conditions will smooth out clumps allowing higher field speeds.
  • Rollers punch small rocks into the sod, letting hay cutter bars to get closer to the base of plants.
  • Hay growers also see less damage to cutter bars, crimping rolls and baler knives.


Land Rollers Flatten and Firm
Land Rollers Yield Higher Field Speeds.
The only Land Roller that offers a Leveling Blade!


ReCon 300 & 400

  • ReCon Quality – Produce High Grade Hay; helps dry hay faster for baling in sunshine or immediately after rainfall!
  • ReCon High Speed Conditioner - Speed and Efficiency that can invert, mix and move your swath all in one pass!
  • ReCon Quality – Experience Accelerated Haying Operations with diverse crops!

Watch How ReCon 300 works!

With alfalfa and grass hays, cereal crops, corn stover and sudan grass, the ReCon accelerates your haying operations.

ReCon Hay Crushers/Tedders Brochure

Produce High Grade Hay with the  ReCon 300
Accelerated Haying Operations
ReCon 300 without optional spinner/spreader wheels
While moving, ReCon 300 & 400 will push windrows together for faster baling, left and right.

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