Split-Fire is the wood-splitter preferred by rental stores & firewood producers. They are Durable, Fast, Safe and Low Maintenance.
  • Durable: Heavy Duty Square Tube Frame with log cradle is much stronger than an I-beam and built to last!
  • Fast: All Split-Fire are 2-way log splitters which splits wood on both the forward and reverse strokes. Will increase productivity and keep 3 or 4 people busy.
  • Safe: both cutting knife and log stops are V-shaped which prevent dangerous kick-outs.
  • Low Maintenance: Self-contained splitters all include Honda engines in varying horsepower depending on model. Hydraulic cylinders are completely enclosed and fully protected inside the square tube frame. Friction Free Slide System: 1/4" poly sheath is attached on both sides - inside the tube frame that run the length of the cutting area. 3/16" poly sheath is attached to the top and bottom of cutting head. This poly-protector guarantees no steel-on-steel contact as knife moves back and forth inside.


Self-Propelled Wood Chippers

Split-Fire manufactures 3-models of heavy duty 5” wood chippers – 4013, 4020, 4024. These high-performance, self-feeding wood chippers product consistent ½” to ¾” wood chips. The low parts count, heavy duty clutch, dual belt system and power coated finish reduce maintenance issues as these machines do not require annual overhauls. Equipped with a heavy duty torsion axle rated for 1400 lbs, they can be towed on and off-road.

3-Point Hitch PTO Wood Chippers

Split-Fire offers a heavy duty 3-point hitch PTO wood chipper (Model 4003) designed for tractors rated at 20 hp or more. Available in either 2-blade or 3-blade configurations (depending on tractor horsepower), these high performance, self-feeding wood chippers take in un-trimmed branches up to 5” diameter!


Optional 4-Way Split available on specific models
Model #4024 Self-Propelled Wood Chipper
3-Point Splitter will also split in both directions
Skid-Steer Splitters - Choose between upright or inverted


Contact Owner Pete Jokela for more information and to order your Split-Fire log splitter!