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Les L. - Houston, TX
This machine performs as shown in the video and as described by Mr. Jokela. Our place in the piney woods of Louisiana has quite a number of pine trees on it. I thought that the trees were going to win – pine straw and pine cones and small branches everywhere. Add in the oaks and maples and I had a mess. My little pull-behind, big box home-store lawn sweeper was ineffective. The grass catcher only caught what was thrown into it by the mower. I am relieved that I was able to find the Sweep All while searching the Internet for a solution. There were several products of varying design and operation available, but the Sweep All was the most attractive. I watched the video several times and then called Mr. Jokela. We had 2 lengthy discussions as I had specific questions, of which he answered all. I then ordered a HMW-2448. It arrived and I worked on my yard (~6 acres) for several hours. It looks like a golf course again! Maintaining this appearance is now easy.

Here are my thoughts about my Sweep All:
Solid – At 800 lbs. this is no casual-use-only machine. No weak points that I can find.

Design – From the wheel guards, greasable bearings, Honda engine, oil clutch, heavy-duty components (covers, baffles, screens) to the precise controls and everything in between – this is a well thought-out machine.

Effectiveness – It de-thatches just by lowering the broom a little lower into grass. Only want to pick up debris – raise it till it skims the surface or tips of the grass. The vacuum action also aids greatly in picking up debris. I am amazed at what all my Sweep All will pick up!

Ease of Use – Hook up, start it, grab the control and go to work (should say play because using this machine is not work!). No dreading the Fall season here.

Satisfaction – Extreme! If you are considering a Sweep All purchase & would like to contact me directly - ask Mr. Jokela for my e-mail address.

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Cooper Lake Farm - Slippery Rock, PA
Thanks again Pete - It was a pleasure doing business with you & the Sweep All works great!
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Bob S. – Cologne, MN
The Sweep All machine is awesome & unbelievable! My lawn has never looked so good! I am getting a lot of compliments since it looks like a golf course! It is a great feeling when you purchase a machine and it handles every job you hoped it would!
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Michael G. - Redford, MI
I love my new Sweep All HM-1548 machine! I was able to sweep my whole yard at the lake in about two hours. That project of a "spring cleanup" usually took two days because of all the fallen sticks from the cottonwood trees
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Dave P. - Stockton, IL
Just got done sweeping up the apples from under the apple trees. It worked like a champ!! Thought you would love to know. My experience with you on this purchase has been absolutely great! And i will be sure and pass the word on. Have a great day!
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Tony G. - Lockport, NY
The Sweep All HM-1548 is perfect for my application! So far I have used it for picking up pine needles, pine cones and leafs, which the Sweep All does a great job! I haven’t tried it for sweeping grass clipping yet; however I am sure it will work fine. The Honda engine starts with one pull and runs very quiet. Again thanks for all your assistance!
Performance of the Split-Fire wood-splitter.
As you can expect we don't split a lot of wood in south Alabama but I can assure you for those that do I'm doing it better with mroe production than the rest! I've purchased 100's of pieces of assorted equipment in my career and seldom do we experience this degree of "truth in advertising." It exceeded our expectations both in simplicity and performance! We got a little carried away and now hoping for an extended winter in south Alabama as I've got enough firewood for another couple of months.